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belated happy birthday to my brother

As of this writing, it is already February 27, 2015 here in my timezone. Two days had passed, I did not greet my younger brother's birthday. If I am not mistaken he is already 31 years old. The last time we talked was about two years ago. April 2013 to be exact because of my request to live temporarily with my eldest son in our ancestral house. In which he lives now and taking good care of all things in that house. I requested that time to stay for a while because my workplace and the school of my eldest son was much nearer to the ancestral compare to the house I bought. But he opposed that time because of not that clear information. I got mad that time. I cut the communication between my family and to them (including his wife, his daughter, my mother and my sister). There is still hatred in my part of not allowing us to stay. I forced my family to rent a house nearby the school. And now, still we are not talking but if there are some time, I visit the profile of his social media account to get updates about them especially my mother. I visit my sister profile too. I really missed them but the hearthache is still here. As of this moment, me and my family sacrifices to stay in a faraway province. That is about more than 100 miles from my ancestral home. Anyway, with this simple article, I will use it even he will not read, I will greet him a BELATED HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Hoping so that someday, before my life ends in this world, we will remove the barricade between us. God bless you always. #Birthday

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GemstonePink wrote on February 26, 2015, 7:26 PM

It is hard to be so far away from family. I do hope you get to visit those you love very soon.