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Steaming Through The Day With Plenty of Streaming!

Hello Persona Peeps! What a morning I have had! I got up really early this morning after a very comfortable and cosy night's sleep. I didn't cough as much last night which was good, but I still had my usual hot Vimto cordial juice before bed time as well as a Beechams powder to take away any runny nose through sleep. But I did have around 7 hours and woke up at 8am.

Because of the heavy cold I have got, I think my brain was telling me to become active. And oh the activity that suddenly fired into me after having my breakfast of hot and healthy porridge with several mugs of tea (and coconut oil!)!

At 840am I started doing paper recycling and finished off feeding the shredder at 920am, all the while also feeding my nose to plenty of clean tissues to get rid of the phlegm produced by the cold I have.

Ten minutes later I ended up doing laundry and that took me to 1035am including finishing off three laundry bins of ironing. More and more, my cold flowed due to the steam coming off the steam iron as well as working up a little sweat when folding all the clothes away! At 11am after a slight rest and a sit down, I changed my bed linen as well as cleaned my home - that took me to 1120am.

Then the thought of steam cleaning the small bathroom suddenly came to me as well as moving a wheeled cupboard out of the kitchen back into the larger bathroom. More physical activity since the last cupboard isn't exactly light to lift and also plenty of healthy steam emerging from my iron later on = more activity for cold to flow out of me again!

By 1140am I eventually just stopped what I was doing and eventually logged on online until it brought me to Persona Paper. Talk about a work out on my nose and lungs!

When I was changing my bed linen and looking for new covers, I also found my trusty five year old facial sauna - it's a great one for inhalation of steam to shift a cold - even if it appears to me that it might be a little late in the day - you'd have thought I would have had enough by now! Thanks for reading. ©Nar2Reviews2015.

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Coffee wrote on February 25, 2015, 8:21 AM

I hope you feel a lot better soon.
I have having a runny or a stuffy nose.

MV1106 wrote on February 25, 2015, 8:30 AM

What a busy day you've had! I hope the steamer helps clear out your sinuses so you can breathe better today!

wolfgirl569 wrote on February 25, 2015, 9:30 AM

Hope you are soon feeling better, sounds like you got a lot done despite the cold

GemstonePink wrote on February 25, 2015, 5:38 PM

Boy, you really did have a burst of energy. I am glad you mentioned steaming. I need to do that to quite a few areas.

Nar2Reviews wrote on February 25, 2015, 7:19 PM

Thank you wolfgirl569 Coffee MV1106 - I still have poppy ears this morning but the nose is beginning to give me longer hours of not relying on tissues. Perhaps it will just take days now to get rid of this cold!