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Neighbourly problems.

For several years now we have been disturbed by a neighbour’s generator. We received a hostile reception when we asked him to cover it to lessen the noise and although he has a quieter one that he used last summer this year he is using the old one again. He lives across the valley from us, so not exactly next door, but in Greece sound travels amazingly well to the extent that we can even hear him talking to his wife!

Fortunately he lives in Athens so only comes here for long weekends generally speaking. Yesterday he departed for Athens but he left a dog behind. We have no way of knowing if he has abandoned the animal or left it as a guard dog with some feeding device or another. Both scenarios are possible here with dogs left alone all the week and others just abandoned in the countryside.

Early this morning we were woken by our dogs howling in unison and all facing towards the house on the opposite hill where the dog was running around trying to escape and our dogs were voicing their sympathy. So now we are faced with a new kind of wake up call!

We will have to wait for a little while and assume that the dog has food and water but if he has been abandoned there we will have to take some kind of action.

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bestwriter wrote on February 25, 2015, 6:14 AM

You are not alone in this situation. There is always something that neighbours do that deserve capital punishment. (lol)

Colibry21 wrote on February 25, 2015, 6:27 AM

I'm sorry that you are having problems with your neighbors. We used to have neighbors that we were having issues with as well. However, we moved, and now have really amazing neighbors. I sure hope that the dog hasn't been abandoned. It breaks my heart when people abandon their pets. It's not right.

Hollyhocks100 wrote on February 25, 2015, 6:33 AM

It sounds like you have the same kind of life I do in Spain. Not so many generators going round here these days, but plenty of dogs left to guard properties with no one to look after them properly and no one to shut them up when they are barking at nothing for hours on end. I hate to say it, but your neighbour has probably abandoned the dog knowing that eventually you will go and feed it and make sure it has water. It happens all the time here when Spanish people go back to their real home and leave foreign neighbours to care for their abandoned animals. I have even known Spanish to turf dogs out at the gate of foreigners and then call to collect them when they return , sometimes weeks or months later.

Coffee wrote on February 25, 2015, 8:44 AM

You poor thing - it must be horrible living so close to someone so inconsiderate.

cheri wrote on February 28, 2015, 5:51 AM

That is really annoying. I hope you have solved the problem by now.