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A Response From Hotpoint UK - Null Points More Like!

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Hello Persona Peeps. If you have read my previous post about Hotpoint UK failing to bring in spare parts for one of their small floorcare appliances by reading the previous post (see if you wish ) I have had a response back from Hotpoint UK, or rather quite a few responses since I tweeted my PersonaPaper post at Twitter.

There were three main tweets required before Hotpoint UK picked up on the problem. I can only guess that they either didn't read my actual post on PP, or if they did they still didn't understand what the problem was. I had to explain fully yet again that the vacuum cleaner I purchased didn't come with a bag conversion kit. The SLC22AA0UK Trolley cylinder vacuum is supposed to come with a dust bag convertor if you don't like cleaning out the filter all the time by relying on the bagless, cyclonic dust box.

Hotpoint UK eventually had to call me at home to explain that they will not be able to get that spare part in as they have stopped production of their vacuums. I find that very strange when the company went to pains only to release a whole family of vacuums in 2013! Are Ariston in Italy (the homeowners) wasteful with money and investment?

The upshot of their decision was either for me to send the vacuum back to Hotpoint or a goodwill gesture of just £20 would be sent for the trouble. £20? (about $30-95) The machine cost four times that! What's more, Hotpoint UK went onto say that no other vacuum cleaner they sell has the same "Dual Clean" facility.

So you can only imagine what I was feeling when I went onto Amazon UK to look at several appliances; and lo and behold a NEW HOTPOINT TROLLEY vacuum cleaner comes up and offers "Dual Clean" as one of its many features. Its a new model that has been released to meet the demands of the new EU law when it came into force from September 2014. It looks like the replacement to mine, which is blockier by shape.

Clearly, yet again Hotpoint don't really know what they are selling. It reiterates the feeling that some brands just don't have the right kind of people working for them who research the products available in the UK. Hotpoint? Null points! Sadly for Hotpoint, a SEBO vacuum cleaner purchase is imminent instead! If it is good enough for the likes of Buckingham Palace, it is a brand good enough for my home! Thanks for reading. ©Nar2Reviews2015.

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Coffee wrote on February 25, 2015, 3:58 AM

Oh my, that really is very poor customer service from a big company that should know better.