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Ragna SS: Anyone can fall in love anytime Chapter 49e

Chapter 49e:

Kalpana and Raghav’s room…

“Done finally.” Raghav says resting his hands on the waist.

“What done? You packed only 2 pairs of clothes?” Kalpana asks.

“Yeah! It would be enough for both of us.”

“What enough? We are going to stay there for 5 days. Do you want me to wear just two dresses for 5 days?” Kalpana says disbelievingly.

“Love, who wears clothes on a honeymoon?” Raghav says teasingly and Kalpana widens her eyes and starts blushing.

“So, we won’t be going outside our hotel room also?”

Raghav goes near her and takes her in an embrace saying “No.”

Kalpana hits his hand and pushes him away making him fall on the bed. “You’re just too much Raghav. I know that you don’t want to take trouble of packing the bag and so are making excuses.” Kalpana goes towards the bag and starts stuffing her clothes inside. “You remain happy with your two pairs of clothes but I will pack as many as I can.” She snaps.

Precap: The couples reach Paris but Kalpana gets lost at the airport…

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