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Finding Myself

I remember when I was in seventh grade. I think that's called junior high school. Up until the end of seventh grade, I neglected my school work in favor of games and entertainment. The first time I asked a teacher a question, the teacher nearly fell over in his chair, because I had never asked him a question before. It was the dawning of a new phase in my life. A phase wherein I wanted to find something I was good at.

So when I got into eight grade, I decided that I would be good at school work. I had to be good at something and I was not good at sports. So I studied between three and four hours a night then spent the rest of the night watching TV.

My mom became worried about me. She thought I was spending way too much time inside. I heard her say this to my dad. So she started encouraging me to go out and play with my friends for a while each night.

I did not understand. For all my life, they wanted me to do good in school. They would punish me when I got poor grades. Finally I was trying very hard to get good grades and they changed their mind?

I did not cut my time studying. I just moved some of that study time to week ends. I still made second honors in the second semester of eight grade. Funny part about it was that I thought my grades were falling. I was not looking forward to getting my report card. Instead my grades had actually risen.

Of course. my parents did not change their mind. They realized that physical activity and socialization was very important for any growing child.

Based on my personal experience, I think parents not only have to encourage their children to go out and play. Parents also have to help children schedule their activities whether it be school work, video games, movies or outside activity. They have to make sure their children understand that school work should not take last place in favor of all other activities.

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crowntower wrote on February 23, 2015, 9:08 PM

Heheheh they are just worried that you might cut yourself from the society, and I think they just want you to have a balance life, and enjoy your teenage years at that time, but not too much that it can corrupt your good character. Congratulations, may this story of yours motivates a lot of students here. God bless.

wolfgirl569 wrote on February 23, 2015, 11:15 PM

My boys always had to do homework before playtime. But I made sure they got both

allen0187 wrote on February 25, 2015, 6:21 PM

Perhaps your parents were worried that you were actually up to no good and didn't believe you were studying! LOL! I guess the improved grades changed their minds.

trufflehunter wrote on March 15, 2015, 10:16 PM

It must have felt good to pursue your goals and reap the fruits of your labour.