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I Miss Randy Orton

So as some of you may know from my past posts, I am a huge WWE fan, and Randy Orton (also known as the Viper, hence the photo I chose from Pixabay) is my current favorite (with Shawn Michaels being the all-time favorite). Randy has been off television for almost four months now, and quite sucks. :(

He was written out of the storylines due to “injury” back in November, as he was taking a few weeks off to film a movie (The Condemned 2: Desert Prey). He returned in late December during non-televised events, but wound up getting injured for real. He had a deviated septum and needed to have surgery, so he would be missing most of January.

Now apparently he was cleared to return to the ring at the end of January, as reports indicated that he was backstage and in gear, ready to go at the Royal Rumble. The WWE decided not to use him at the last minute - and that was the first of many times we heard that he was backstage and the WWE decided to hold off on his return. He returned to the ring once again about two weeks ago, once again during non-televised events. He wasn’t used for Raw last Monday, and I doubt he’ll be back tonight. *Sigh*

I have no idea how true this is, but apparently the “creative” staff is trying to figure out how to bring him back. Pardon me? Back in my day, when a guy was taken out due to “injury” -as a result of being attacked- he usually returned and got revenge on the guy who took him out. Randy should have returned to television weeks ago to attack Seth Rollins (in my opinion). I know I’m just a fan and all, but come on, this isn’t rocket science, creative team.

So Randy was advertised during local television and radio ads for WWE Raw tonight in Orlando. Okay? I don’t believe it lol. If he’s there, it will probably be in a dark match after the show, which is something special done for the audience in attendance only. He’s been advertised on WWE dot com and then pulled from the advertisement, or they have left him there and still not used him, so I stopped going by any and all advertisements, and have taken the “I’ll believe it when I see it” approach. Oh, and if you check out WWE dot com, Randy was pulled from all television advertisements.

I am hearing he could return tonight, but I have also heard that he may return at WWE Fast Lane on Sunday, or Raw the next night, or sometime during the month of March. He has to come back sometime, but nobody really knows when anymore, and I have stopped trying to guess. For what it’s worth, he wrestled at the non-televised live events this past weekend. It was nice to see the pics and vids from those events -thanks to other fans- but I have no idea when we’ll see him back on television. :(

Anyways. Randy is one of my top favorites. I do have other wrestlers I like, but I’d like to see my current favorite back on television sometime this century. :-/

I know the WWE isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but I was just venting...or ranting. I’m finished now. You all take care.

P.S. - I hope putting this in the "sports" category was okay.

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MommyCharm wrote on February 17, 2015, 1:44 AM

I used to watch WWE religiously but has stopped I think, a year ago but I do know Randy Orton and I also am hoping for his return soon. My brothers have been watching WWE episodes online and if I aint mistaken, our youngest idolizes Randy Orton too.

ViperGirl85 wrote on February 17, 2015, 8:05 PM

He has been one of my top favorites since August of 2004. My all-time favorite -Shawn Michaels- retired back in 2010. So when picking a current favorite who still wrestles, it would definitely be Randy Orton. If your youngest brother is an Orton fan, I can understand how frustrated he may be. The WWE has had countless chances to bring him back on TV, but they keep dropping the ball. They didn't bring him back last night either. :( There is a PPV event on Sunday, and everyone thinks he'll be back then -if the guy who "took him out" has a match. I don't know what to think anymore, so I just take the "wait and see" approach. You probably know/knew that Orton was one of the top guys before he was written off back in November. We're in the middle of Wrestlemania season; with WM season going full-force after Sunday...and they really can't figure out how to bring him back? It's sad that I am actually wondering if Orton is going to be at my show...IN MAY. :-/