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A Big Thank You From News Station

As I said in the previous post I reported the fire to a local television news station. I didn't have their phone number or email address last night when I heard the call go out from dispatch on the scanner to the fire departments to respond to the fire at the town hall. The first they asked for last night was pictures and I started to scramble around to find them a picture because I am 20 miles from where the fire took place. Luckily a guy on the cb radio had a friend send me a picture and I forwarded it to the news station.

Well this morning I woke up and checked my messages on facebook and I had a message from the news station giving me a big thank you for notifying them of the fire and without me they would have not have known about it or been able to air the live footage last night.

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NS_CSX_HAM_OP wrote on February 13, 2015, 3:45 PM

I meant to post this under Breaking News UGH!!!!! NM it has been fixed...

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