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Tree Change Dolls: Giving Old Dolls New Life

Sonia Singh of Tasmania, Australia has a very unique hobby. This hobby is playing with dolls. She's not just playing with them but giving new life to broken, discarded dolls by giving them a 'downgraded' make-over as well as new wardrobes, that include articles knitted by her mother. With that love, Tree Change Dolls was born.

Tree Change Dolls seems to focus on what makes kids and girls love dolls, their ability to relate to the toy. Sonia takes all the makeup off the doll face and completely repaints it. Giant, make-up covered eyes turn into orbs of innocence accompanied by realistic features: eyebrows, freckles and occasionally a missing tooth or maybe an overbite. No doll is forgotten or left out. A doll with no feet? No problem, now they have proper boots so they can stand tall. A doll with permanent marker staining her face? With a little magic, it's now a mere shadow that gives a little more character to a forgotten toy. The look of the dolls complete in their garments, with a new face just have a charming look to them that any child would love.

Initially what started as simple hobby became an internet sensation. Many people lauded Tree Change Dolls for fighting against hyper-sexualization of young girls and their toys. You can find Tree Change Dolls on Facebook, Tumblr, and soon on Etsy. Check out this video to learn more about Tree Change Dolls .

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Ruby3881 wrote on March 2, 2015, 11:32 AM

Great post, Gayle! I love that she's making the dolls more realistic, and that kids prefer her refurbished dolls to the Bratz or Barbie type things the big doll manufacturers are making.

GayleStorm wrote on March 3, 2015, 12:38 PM

You're right, kids and adults alike love the new look. I think they're so precious and cute. I saw a comment on one picture that said the dolls look happier too. There might be some truth to that I think.