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Auraura_UK Who Fail To See The Light of Their EBay Candle Advertising!

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Here, we have a Daylight Candle

Not a tealight, which won't fit many traditional wax tart burners as tealight candles do!

Since the competition win online with Facebook and Kringle UK (now sadly no longer available due to Kringle U.S pulling the company - I may start a petition) I have been scouring the Internet in the UK for Kringle Candles. I have plenty but a lot of my friends who I have introduced Kringle Candles to in the last year HAVE NOT.

You can find some of my previous posts indicating Kringle Candles in my home at: and that shows MY own photo, which I have used here.

So, amidst the amount of heavy online shopping that I tend to do every couple of months of the year, I decided to search for companies who are selling Kringle products on EBay UK and noticed quite a few sellers who are obviously marking up some of the products now that the official company are no longer operating in the UK.

It was then that I jumped upon a company on EBay UK known as "Auraura_UK," who appear to be selling Daylight candles or when I looked at the listing again, "tealight" candles, due to the misleading info. I decided to message the seller...

However, upon looking at the actual listing TWICE, I began to wonder whether "Auraura_UK," are selling actual tealight candles OR Daylight candles, because the two are not the same; one looks like a fatter, flatter large tealight candle that offers 12 to 15 hours of fragrance whilst Kringle also sell scented tealight candles offering 6 hours of burn time and don't offer as much strength.

The info that this UK EBay seller company has added wording wise, clearly indicates that they are selling old stock Kringle Candles priced at £2-50. However, the photo they are displaying clearly indicates a mix of tealight candle AND lit Daylight Candles to support their listing. This is where I was confused.

Now, on the basis that my reviews online have been recognised for their indepthness and, "painstaking" research from an online Independent journalist, I am failing to agree with the response that I got from the company where I " didn't bothered to read the description," , after I received the latest response from the company:

"…I'd like to draw your attention to the last line of your own message......... "even though essentially the Daylight is a fatter, wider tealight candle"

I could stop there as you're fully aware of what a "Daylight" is and you've answered your own question.

But you've made such an effort to pick us out and message for what appears to be simply for the sake of it, but I have a few minute of spare time as I have my cup of tea, so I shall indeed indulge your attention.

There are lots of people who are aware of Kringle Candles and their trade name "Daylight" candles, but there are also many millions of people who think that daylight is simply the opposite of nighttime. (Oh my good God, does this customer rep not realise that people use Google search ALL of the time for scented candles?)

Kringle themselves describe a Daylight as you said, a "larger, fatter tea light LIKE candle, with a burn time of 12 hours". It is not a votive, it is not a wax melt, it is not a church candle, it is in the category of tea light, which is why we have used, quite correctly, "tea light" in our ad. (But it is NOT a tealight candle; it is not small enough to fit under a wax tart burner!)

We can only assume you only read the title of our ad ( No, I did and the photo and info is misleading ) and didn't bothered to read the description, where we clearly state the following;

"Kringle Candle Daylights in a variety of scents with a burn time of approx 12 hours"

Again, as you said yourself, Kringle fans would know this, the poor uninitiated would not, but would think "that's a long burn time, all for only £2.50!

Had you read the description, coupled with the visual aid of the photo of Daylights, your confusion would have been solved. Voila!

Suffice to say, we will not be changing anything, especially on a line that is now discontinued in the UK, along with all their other products…"

Suffice to say yourself Auraura_UK, failure to provide a photo of an actual Daylight candle ALONE to accompany your listing alone is confusing when the actual photo shows BOTH lit Daylights and Tealights. Daylights and tealights are not the same; I'd love to see how I could squeeze a Daylight into one of my Yankee Candle wax tart burners for example! It clearly demonstrates the lack of thought and possible future purchasing problems that your buyers may well face.

The lack of a proper, respected response and natural assumption to this online product buyer and reviewer that he doesn't read, merely reiterates the lack of vision that your company name appears to enlighten!

I do hope you enjoy your cup of tea. Or it may be coffee if you fail to look at it properly.

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