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Votive Candle Holders - Holds More Than Just A Candle!

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When it comes to scented candles and the usage of them in my home, I only tend to use a few votive holders for purpose. When I first started to buy Yankee Candle votive candles (known as "samplers" in the U.S and other markets) I quickly realised there was a reason to why Yankee Candle always recommend using a holder when burning their votives.

Yankee Candle votive candles never keep their fluted shape when lit and rely on a holder to retain their shape safely for usage - otherwise you may end up with a blob that doesn't burn fully and thus wastes the wax - if you place the candle on a flat plate. More importantly, the hot wax can spill over and damage the surrounding surface.

A few years ago my Yankee Candle stockist bought in a few compact votive holders that were just about useful for usage with Yankee Candle samplers/votive candles but they were not made for Yankee Candle, but I still liked the shape of them.

I ended up buying three of them; one for my cousin who loves the Yankee Candle votives and two for myself; even though I have found a much better usage for one of the holders.

Due to its shape and glass material, the votive holder is quite heavy and stable enough and as you can see, it means I can use it to turn a favourite body lotion bottle upside down that maximises all of the lotion when it is required - rather than waiting ages for the cream to meet the top of the bottle when it is put on the base.

Other products such as mustard and other things can be turned upside down and installed in this votive holder - proof that although they may be used as candle holders - that they can also be used for capturing the last of body products or sauces without wasting a drop! Thanks for reading. ©Nar2Reviews2015.

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maxeen wrote on February 10, 2015, 6:19 PM

That sounds as though it may take up some time,maybe when you know what you are doing it is easy.