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Hotpoint UK - Change For The Better In More Ways Than One!

Hotpoint UK promises a "Change for the Better" in their latest marketing campaign for their company. Oh if it only was true.

It was only a few months ago that I took delivery of a Hotpoint Dual Clean vacuum cleaner that I noticed the lack of a promised "bag conversion kit" that the online site promises, that I had to phone up Hotpoint UK to find out when this part would be available. I also asked why I didn't seem to receive one with my vacuum cleaner.

Well, no surprise to find that even after a year of the Hotpoint Trolley vacuums being put on sale in the UK that Hotpoint UK are yet again out of stock of that part. This doesn't make my vacuum unusable but it is a total nightmare trying to find out if parts exist if the vacuum cleaner's parts are available - yet again they are not.

The UK website also has a poor link, or rather a lack of support to actually have links that work to the support team. The first link for the parts division that comes up as "" doesn't seem to exist and even trying on another server with the same website window open didn't seem to work either.

Other service links on the site such as uploading user manuals for their ENTIRE Trolley vacuum cleaners don't work either, being taken to a page that shows "error" and then taken to the main service manual division, and upon entering the model number in, the service manual is unavailable.

In light of my reviews and experience being recognised by The Independent UK paper, would I recommend Hotpoint to the number of buyers who read my reviews? No I don't think so!

Hotpoint UK really need to pull out the finger. With a design collection of appliances on sale in the UK, they really need to connect the fact that marketing and links for the customer have to work hand in hand - after all, what's the point if the "change for the better" doesn't actually ring true? Thanks for reading. ©Nar2Reviews2015.

PS My other model is shown which doesn't use the dual clean facility.

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wolfgirl569 wrote on February 10, 2015, 3:56 PM

Many companies seem to have tat problem anymore. I wonder if it is a convenient way to try to avoid unhappy customers