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Practical Tips for Bloggers

Everyone; has a blog, wants a blog, reads a blog, or will soon become curious about blogs. Blogs are everywhere, but that doesn't mean they are properly understood or used to their full potential.

To make the most out of your piece of cyberspace check out the following practical tips how-to tips for designed especially for bloggers.

Pick a Niche Topic

The blogosphere is as huge as it is diverse. This means that it is all too easy to become lost in the noise. There is a market for just about every topic under the sun, but the trick is to connect with your readers. It is much easier to be noticed if you focus on a small part of a larger topic. For instance, there must be millions of blogs on personal finance issues, so getting a loyal following in this area promises to be a struggle. However, if you are trying to attract readers who are interested in personal finance, but are single mothers with a desire to work-from-home, well you may have found a niche to speak to.

Make Subscribing Easy

There is absolutely no point in working night and day, writing brilliant pages of copy and posting it for your readers if there is no way for them to get repeat access to your ideas. The 'subscribe here' link must be prominent and the process must be easy. It should also reassure readers that their information will not be sold and also give a way to opt out if they no longer wish to get your notification emails.

Have an About Me Page

Unless your blog is to be used to chronicle a personal journey, or your style actively incorporates pieces of your personal life, your blog should not be about you, but it should give an indication of who you are. Having an About Me page gives readers an insight into the person behind the scenes. It has the ability to humanize you in a way that nothing else can. It is important for your readers and subscribers to be able to tell that you are a flesh and blood person and not some cyber android, so they can take your advice seriously.

Invite Comments

People who regularly read blogs also like to leave comments. It opens up communication to your readership and gives them a chance to have their say as well. Without comments your blog will appear lifeless and you could start to feel like you are talking into a vacuum.

Include Relevant Pictures

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but in the blogosphere it must be more like a million. Pictures add another layer of interest to blogs and break up the monotonous flow of words. They also help to capture the interest of the Internet reader who has an exceptionally short attention span. In addition to all this, they also help search engines to find your blog in the first place, because they add more richness to the content.

Setting up a blog doesn't require any special skills, but finding readers is a different matter entirely. If you actually want people to take heed of what you blog about day in and day out, it would be worth your while to put these tips into action.


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GemstonePink wrote on February 20, 2015, 5:09 PM

You have given many some expert tips. I have never ventured into creating a blog. It does sound like a worthwhile adventure though.

AliCanary wrote on February 20, 2015, 5:30 PM

I've got some decent niche topics (local interest and art), but I use Blogger, and it doesn't seem to be very easy for people (me included) to figure out how to subscribe. I tried to make the buttons visible in placement, but I'm honestly not even sure what they do--where does an "RSS feed" go, for example? Does one have to download a widget for that?

nataliajones wrote on February 23, 2015, 12:38 PM

You should be able to find an app or a widget that you can just drop into your source code to take care of your RSS feed for you... that's pretty standard on any blog and it makes keeping your subscribers a lot easier.