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Why Writers Need Deadlines

Even though writers may gripe about having to work within some stringent deadlines, these deadlines may actually save the day. This is why even when a writer is not given a deadline, self-imposing one may not be such a bad idea. The following are some of the benefits of working on a deadline.

Force structure.

Writing is a creative process and so it does not naturally follow a structured routine. This does not mean though that writers that work according to an organized system lose creativity, rather they have learnt to harness their creative energy and produce work that is both original and timely.

Make it necessary to prioritize.

Working around a deadline also means that you must find a way to select the most important tasks and complete them first. Prioritizing is akin to setting deadlines because when you decide how long a particular project is going to take and you get a better idea of what can be completed in a single day, the next step is to select what should be done first. For instance, if you realize that a research piece is going to take a lot of time, you can dedicate an entire day to it and use the rest of your afternoon to knock off some smaller pieces that won't be as time consuming.

Squeeze productivity out of your day.

Writers that work according to self-imposed deadlines are also more productive. This is because they don't simply go with the flow and write only when the mood strikes them. They actually treat freelance writing like a career and they structure their work around what they want to accomplish in terms of actual writing goals as well as income flows.

Self-imposed deadlines help writers to make the most of their craft by channeling their creativity into productivity. Even the most gifted writers, if they cannot discipline themselves to write on demand or complete a story in a timely manner, will find it hard to be successful, because they will not be able to satisfy their clients. Even if they write for a site that does not stipulate how much work needs to be produced or when material should be completed, they will find it difficult to earn a decent wage because in this instance, your earnings are directly proportional to how much material you produce. There may not be an outside pressure to perform, but if the intent is to earn a living, you should apply the pressure yourself.

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GemstonePink wrote on February 20, 2015, 5:12 PM

Excellent tips for those who have chosen a writing career. I am not a writer, just a dabbler in writing I suppose.