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Not All Steam Cleaners Kill Dust Mites!

wolfgirl569 writes in one of her posts "….don't let the bed bugs bite," that got me reminding of what I found out earlier in the week when I was reading a review by a member from the usual product review site that I write for from time to time and noticed a review about a steam cleaner that has been on sale for many years.

Unlike China, where most cheap steam cleaners are made these days, and for established brands like TTI/Hoover/Vax, Morphy Richards and others, the Polti company are from Italy, where commercial cleaning is taken very seriously. A lot of brands don't tend to manufacture under the Polti name for their domestic market steam cleaners and it is easy to tell why; their machines are actually pretty good, based on commercial machines with higher powered steam generators.

I have known for years however that just because a steam cleaner may well come with lots of different smaller cleaning tools, that not all machines that look the same perform the same. This is because that steam cleaners don't tend to have high power tanks in which high powered steam can be produced.

I read online that a minimum of 121 o C / 249.8 Fahrenheit kills off dust mites in bedding "in about 15 minutes). (Check ) Now, confusingly enough that comes down to 15psi, which translates as 1 bar of steam pressure.

So if you have a machine that has a claimed 3 bar pressure as a minimum, dust mites won't just be boiled alive, but rather, roasted, toasted and cooked, alive! However, it isn't the pressure of the steam that kills off dust mites, but moist heat.

What most people don't realise is that whilst steam cleaners with a high steam bar pressure kills off the dust mites, the machine doesn't remove them. This kind of info and the info above regarding high steam output seems to be info that steam cleaner brands often fail to tell!

Only some brands such as Polti have combination steam AND vacuum suction machines that can take off both at the same time. Otherwise you have to wait for your bed to dry out before attempting to use dry suction only from a conventional vacuum cleaner if you want a totally clean and sanitised mattress. Thanks for reading. ©Nar2Reviews2015.

PS The Steam cleaner shown is my own, but it is a Morphy Richards model and has a steam bar pressure of 115 o C which effectively means it can't kill off dust mites.

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wolfgirl569 wrote on February 8, 2015, 10:58 PM

It is hard to find a good affordable steam cleaner and the rating methods are confusing to most people.