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Any Android Developers?

Does anyone here have any experience developing apps for Android, and for that matter, iOS? I have been developing Android applications for awhile now and I enjoy every aspect of it. I use various methods to create them, such as Eclipse, Phonegap, and online app creation methods such as Appery. I love the excitement as I see my idea come to life before me and also when I see the errors that have been taunting me finally get resolved. The hardest part in my opinion is getting an idea for my newest one. Is there anyone on this website that also creates apps, and if so, please feel free to share experiences and any tips/advice you may want to share.

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valmnz wrote on February 8, 2015, 8:05 PM

I'm afraid I'm a user rather than a creator when it comes to these things. But I do admire that people like you have the talent to make them and can understand the pleasure you must get when it all fits together successfully.