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What is life without the community?

What is life without the community? A community in itself derives from two very important words that pop up at you every time you hear the word! These words are unity and communication. When a community decides to unify and lend a helping hand, the true meaning of love and kindness shines through and makes everything else make sense.

In the name of love the community of White City, Botswana roared and stood up for one of their own! It honestly was something of another caliber, I had never experienced a mob justice of that kind especially not around this neck of the woods. A young girl of fourteen was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and the family had no funds to take her for an operation she desperately needed. She had no other alternative but to turn to the people that had watched her grow into a teenager for help!

A life so innocent and so young plagued by such a burden was enough to get the community up on their feet and eager to offer their assistance in any way they could. Fund raisers where formed, musical events and even health walks where planned all in the name of raising up enough funds for the young girl to be flown abroad for the surgery that could save her life!

Another touching factor swooped in when the community stood tall and said, "no foreign entity can charge in and destroy one of us, our very own daughter from right underneath our noses". I am sat here at this very minute still humbled by the actions that where took by this White City community, they went all out with no care in the world and handled this matter as their own, they made this young girls heartache and distress personal and fought to bring her back to them safe and sound.

I am proud to know that when death knocks at a neighbors door, people don't close their blinds in ignorance and rant about having issues of their own. I am elated that this here community stood for what they believed in and assisted this young girl the best way they could! News of her surgery being a great success to this day still lingers in the air of the little town of White City. Life is much more fruitful and rich with a community that cares, a community that loves and acts.

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Lushlala wrote on February 7, 2015, 9:08 AM

I absolutely agree! This is is how it used to be back in the day, the community spirit was well and truly alive. I think with pressures of our modern lifestyles, people tend mind their business and focus on their own problems more. Which is why it's so refreshing to read about the people of White City pulling together to save a young girl's life :)

elles-belles wrote on February 8, 2015, 10:07 AM

It is very refreshing indeed Lushlala, I really felt proud that they clubbed together like they did! It was rather nostalgic in a sense.