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My Valentine's Day on Pinterest

Valentine's Day is super fun! Two of my favorite things: and . Want any excuse to share them. Searching around for images related to the holiday we celebrate every February 14th, in order to share via my blogs, in my social networks or other sites, such as ; and found a very interesting one.

Currently, very active on . Have 49 boards. Still haven't decided what board No. 50 should be. But definitely need another board because my brain works better with rounded numbers. (Inside my head is going – 'Can't be 49. Gotta be 50. Think of sumthin! Gotta be 50!') But I digress.

When Pinterest first started, my initial account was considered “personal”, although per my boss, it comes under the umbrella of my home business endeavors. My boss is moi!

Last year, invited me to convert the account to a account and threw in an incentive by saying there would be no charge for the conversion. The invitation was accepted. So my account is now a business account. Whoopee!!!

Getting to the point. Somebody once told me that folks on Pinterest never READ! They just like looking at the pictures. However, because I do read - I read somewhere that Pinterest could be used just like a platform.

Trying to connect the person's remarks to the article, thought to myself: 'If people don't read why use Pinterest like a ?' (O.o)

Nevertheless, when pinning, my descriptions are, hopefully similar to a quick blog post and might catch the eye of the viewer and maybe … just maybe … they will also read “the story” associated with the picture, and click the original source link for more details. So every once in a while, for fun, I throw in a few statements that might peak one's curiosity. Like the statements written for this pin to my , , , , pinboard.

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