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Saving Stray Animals

During this month celebrating awareness to spay and neuter dogs and cats, many important points should be discussed. One of those is the trap/release program for stray cats.

Think for a moment that cats can have a litter of 5 to 7 kittens at least 3 times a year. With that fact alone; the deaths among cats for the sheer lack of finding homes for them all is a monumental task. This is where the trap /release for stray cats saves lives.
Talk to your local shelter and get all the details they can give you to help save lives by spaying and neutering a stray cat this month. I even neutered a wild cat about 4 years ago.
Tripper is now domesticated and is my kitty, but not so long ago he was as wild as they come. He was a stray kitten that wandered on my property and he wanted food. When I put food down he attacked my hand. Growling, hissing and swatting of the paws occurred too.
With some effort I got him in a carrier and took him to be neutered. This action helped prevent him from procreating and saved many kittens from being born into death.
Photo coutesy Roberta Baxter

Image Credit » Courtesy Roberta Baxter

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Feisty56 wrote on February 6, 2015, 7:34 PM

I so hate to consider the many animals that die simply from overpopulation. I think the trap and release program, where the animal is neutered before release is a wonderful idea and hope many people avail themselves of it. I have to be honest and say I don't have the financial wherewithal to participate myself, although I would if I could.

Thanks for getting this message out.

BNelson wrote on February 6, 2015, 10:57 PM

All my cats are spayed or neutered and 4 of them were feral cats whom we caught, got fixed, and have kept.

OldRoadsOnceTraveled wrote on February 7, 2015, 1:40 PM

This is Guiness the Cat. Thank you for taking in Tripper. That was sweet of you.

crowntower wrote on February 7, 2015, 2:21 PM

That is cool to know and do.. I have a cat and he died last year, but he has a son who always wander and now we adopt him, and he stop hissing too, and become more of a pet to us.

goodselfme wrote on February 7, 2015, 5:57 PM

Most shelters work with local veterinarians so there is no out of pocket expenses to people willing to trap, spay and neuter stray cats. Please call your shelter and find out about this very worthwhile program.

Feisty56 wrote on February 7, 2015, 7:29 PM

I'll have to look into this as I've never heard mention of such a program in my county.

zabelle51 wrote on February 8, 2015, 1:13 PM

There are so many irresponsible people who don't care for their animals. :)