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Stop the Rock - Take Yourself out of your Business

To be successful in business, take yourself out of the business.

That's the tagline of the Done For You model as promoted by Scott Boulch in his book 'Stop The Rock'.

The idea of this entrepreneurial, very 21st century way of making an is that you, the business owner, do not need to necessarily be involved. Many aspects of the business can be automated. In the internet age, this is to be expected, after all. Online is still a powerful tool, even with adblockers and malware spammers compromising things from time to time.

The 'Rock' of the book's title is the metaphorical one that every salary-bound income earner pushes, Sisyphus-like, up a mountain, only to see it roll all the way back down again at the end of the month with nothing more to show than another month of paid bills. It's even worse if your salary is tied up in your own business. The Done For You business opportunity, involving nutrition products made by Kyani, seeks to bring health and wealth to as many people as possible through the power of internet marketing.

Interested potential distributors (known as business owners) can sign up to view the introductory webinar , which gives you all the information you need to decide if you want to take your interest further. I'm an MLM veteran, having been a distributor for two completely different companies in my past. This is the first opportunity I've heard of which fully utilizes the power of the internet, and as you would expect it's US-based.

The webinar suggests that the most successful business owners can earn six or seven figure incomes. The reality is that many probably will not earn that amount, but may well manage a respectable second income, as I did with my distributorships. Franchising and distributorships buy jobs, not success, so the webinar maintains. The secret with Done For You's model is that much of the sales and advertising work is outsourced and automated - done for you. It is a system which the business owners own, while the income continues without their daily involvement, much like the residual income of a successful writer or musician. The idea is that income generation becomes a product in itself when used with automated advertising and the internet tools of ebooks and webinars.

What's more is that there is an option to make a charitable donation through the company's Potato Pak initiative. This allows business owners to use their earnings to give those in need a (tax deductible) donation of food.

Residual earnings and charity donation? Sounds too good to be true, doesn't it? You'll never know unless you try, though. Everyone's ideal is to have money without needing to work. This opportunity sounds closer than most.

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seren3 wrote on February 7, 2015, 7:58 PM

Well that's certainly an ideal! I think very few figure out and can finance theplan that works!