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Valentine Plans

This is going to make me sound really sad, of that I am totally aware, so don't worry about sparing my feelings ;P Lol

This Valentines Day I have plans with a work friend to go to a large charity book sale. This sale happens every year, and it is HUGE! It is called "The Visiting Nurses Book Sale." They have thousands upon thousands of books, and everything is very well priced (at least everything I'm interested in). I'm going with a work friend, and she's bringing her husband and another friend. I'm also trying to get my sister to go. They'll be a group of us to protect each other from the hoard of crazy book lovers! Lol

I haven't gone to this event in a few years, but last time I went I got about 30 books (all or most hardcover) for only $80. That is less than $2 a book!

So I have already been building up a list to print and bring to the event (CODE RED: EXTREME NERD ALERT)! Haha.

I'm really hoping to find a lot of horror books (my favorite genre), I have 16 horror books alone on my list. I googled the scariest horror novels of all time and added almost all of those.

Any other singles out there have out of the norm Valentines Day plans?

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