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From our pets we can learn surprisingly many things! (part 2)

Physical activity and the game are an essential part of the life of your pet. So it became more nimble, resourceful, with quick reflexes. But these are things that would make our own life saturated with more private health, and more enjoyable, filled with entertainment. The dog is fun to run after the ball and brings it to you, the cat plays with the mouse and to develop hunting skills, and for pleasure.

Animals live in the moment, precisely for the pleasure, and this is something that many people can't. The animal has a natural attitude to its bodily functions, unlike the majority of people who take them for dirty and shameful. And they are something useful and necessary, created by nature. Defecation and urination are not something dirty, and released the body of unneeded substances from feeding after absorption of beneficial.

The big lesson from the favorite animal is to learn to accept our body and its functions, and to accept ourselves. To be the most natural. Animals in many ways are better than us in that with them everything is what it seems. No more, no less. And we are part of nature, we just need to look more to our naturalness and spontaneity, to be happy.

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cheri wrote on February 4, 2015, 3:12 AM

I agree with you on that. With plain observations, we can actually learn a lot from the animals.