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From our pets we can learn surprisingly many things! (part 1)

We know it in detail, we know his habits and preferences and not long after that we begin to perceive it almost as an individual with its own character and quirks.

From the pet we can learn to be natural, direct and true. Your pet is spontaneously and needs tenderness, touching, and unlike people, not be ashamed to ask urgently and without remorse. Your pet needs a communication, it is important to it. It is loyal, it was created for living by the rules – the moment it understands them, it is coded to observe them. This is something that many people may learn.

From animals we can take the example of their attitude towards food. They are not treading, not overeat. Eat only when they receive signals from their body, i.e. when they are hungry.

The animals don't get drunk, drink only water, and only when, and because they are thirsty. They do it with pleasure that we feel we are on a hot summer day, the other long without a drop of water.

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