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The power of a whisper(Bill Hybels)- A book review

The power of a whisper is really an amazing piece of art. Honestly when it was first recommended to me, I was a tad skeptical; especially because the friend who suggested it said it would help me get through a particular personal issue I was dealing with at the time. I thought it was once again some religious babble with no real substance to it, but as soon as I opened it I was proven terribly wrong!

In this book Bill Hybels gifts us a vision of the change life can undergo on earth when God's children and believers take time to listen. This when broken down just means that listening intently and adopting the art of discernment will enable believers to know their father's( God's) voice when they hear it! He points out that God wants to give his children answers that unlock decisions that might be tough, warnings that pull them from the darkness and promptings that will encourage growth as well as urging's from fellow believers. The urging is depicted as so full of inspiration that they will be able to assist anyone and everyone in this world in the plight of injustice and poverty!

He goes on to make reference to his own personal experiences with promptings from God and how he managed to make them manifest in his here and now. I found the book so profound and touching as some of the situations expressed in it resembled some of the things I was going through at the time. This book gave me a fresh and new view into how life can be lead and how one can tap into their spirituality. It wasn't just a copied and pasted bible manual but a book full of real, in your face and raw life issues.

I would recommend this book to anyone who might be spiritual and is currently feeling a bit out of touch, to individuals who like me before I picked it up are skeptical about religious regurgitation and to basically anyone who loves a good meaningful piece of art. I have to say, this book is among one of my favorite spiritually fulfilling books yet.

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j2jworkz wrote on February 2, 2015, 7:16 PM

I will recommend this to a friend whom I think would enjoy it! Thx.

elles-belles wrote on February 3, 2015, 1:48 AM

You are most welcome j2jworkz, your friend will love it!