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My WorldView

The Christian life or life that really matters and is worth living in this fallen world is a life that is moving and developing towards Christ-likeness. Not ease. Not comfort. Not earthly pleasure.

If I view life as something to pursue ease, comfort and pleasure, I would surely be disappointed. Yes, ease, comfort and pleasure in the future but not here and not now. They will come. But for the meantime, pain and suffering may dot my life for a greater purpose---that of forming a Christ-like character in me.

It is wisdom on my part to possess a mindset like this. For one, it will lessen disappointments in life. If I expect a pain-and-suffering free life, I am in collision course with Mr. Disappointment.

However, I expect grace to attend my way as I use the hurdles and the storms that come my way to become more like Christ.

I will be thankful for the things that God will bestow upon me that makes me laugh and smile and many other things that make life livable even for the time being. They are tokens of kindness and grace in a path filled with thorns and rough stones.

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LeaPea2417 wrote on December 12, 2015, 11:57 PM

Your Christian worldview is my worldview, and it is the only way that makes life worth living (living for Jesus Christ and becoming more like Him).