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The Cool Belt, A Revolution in Hydration

I first wrote about the Beverage Belt, as it was then known, back in July last year. The California-based inventor, Lorita Bolts, was looking for funding for her invention via a GoFundMe page.

I was therefore pleased to hear from her again the other day. Seems like the product is now available commercially and can be purchased from her website .

For those of you who didn’t see my original article (and it’s currently offline so I can’t even link to it) the idea of the Cool Belt, as the product is now known, is to provide on-the-go for anyone who needs it. Of course, sports people will probably be the company’s main customers, but the publicity also suggests that military and emergency personnel should be able to benefit, as well as walkers, runners and gym bunnies. The versatility and portability of the Cool Belt means it can be used by families on camping or day trips, while visiting attractions or attending sporting events. Travelers will find it invaluable as it means they can haul suitcases as well as take a ; mums with a buggy, lots of shopping or an umbrella to cope with will appreciate the hands-free design too. I even wonder whether the child-size would help youngsters with their balance, as the ideal carrying position is close to the body’s natural center of gravity.

So what exactly is The Cool Belt? It’s a belt with a bladder inside. You can put up to 36 fl oz of liquid into the lining of the belt, depending on the size, and you simply wear it just like a belt, on your waist, drinking from the attached straw when required. This means that your hydration needs are hands-free. Rather important if you have an excited kiddie hanging off each hand at an amusement park, or you’re half way up a mountain rock face dangling on the end of a rope. The designs of the Cool Belt’s outer layer include camo, the Stars and Stripes and black and white checkers. Both inside and outside layers are washable.

The other good thing about the Cool Belt is that it’s environmentally friendly. It’s made of material approved by the FDA and because it can be cleaned (with mild soap or vinegar) and reused, it is better for the environment than the disposable plastic water bottles so many people use. You don’t need to stop running to take a drink, nor drop bags all over the place while you unscrew a bottle lid. It will hold more or less any cold drink you want, including the ice, and can be refrigerated before use once full. As the Cool Belt is insulated, that means the drink will stay cold for longer. Once the drink is finished, the belt is stylish enough to wear as a belt in its own right.

This product has been in development for over two years now with the idea of creating something as sustainable as possible. The covers and the bladders inside are available separately, and as both are washable, the sustainability criterion is met.

If you’re an outdoorsy type who always needs a drink to hand, you could do worse than order your very own belt. You’d better keep a close eye on it though, because sooner or later someone else will take a shine to it. It's such a good idea, entrepreneurs worldwide are smacking their foreheads asking 'why didn't I think of this?'

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celticeagle wrote on January 29, 2015, 4:26 PM

This sounds like a great idea. When I used to jog I was always so thirsty and having something like this would have been wonderful. I used to carry something like what this is but I just slung it over my shoulder.

WordChazer wrote on January 29, 2015, 4:36 PM

And if you're anything like me with the one I carried (a water bottle on a webbing belt) it slopped all over the place and weighed me down on one side rather than being an equal weight around the belt like this one.

wolfgirl569 wrote on January 29, 2015, 5:05 PM

That is a good idea, I need to look for those as I am outside a lot in the summer

seren3 wrote on January 30, 2015, 1:20 PM

Sounds like a good idea for athletes and other hard working folks!

WordChazer wrote on January 30, 2015, 1:21 PM

It's the only drinks belt that has the drink within it that I could see. The others are all webbing belts with bottle holders, and I had one of those. It didn't work.

celticeagle wrote on January 30, 2015, 11:27 PM

Mine was like the sheep herders carry. I don't remember what they are called. It's actually for carrying wine.

Ruby3881 wrote on January 31, 2015, 8:05 PM

It's a cute idea, but I doubt I'd ever use it. Serious athletes already have hydration systems, and honestly I doubt most people would need something like this enough to spend on it.