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Blame it on the movie industry!

To every guy out there whose girlfriend, fiance or wife wants some elaborate gesture or gift this Valentine's Day, blame the movie industry! These women put you up against characters who were made to be perfect, and you just are not them and probably never will be. Women have grown to believe that a man should sweep her off her feet, buy her flowers, choose his needs over hers and so much more. Yes, it would be amazing, but real people have real lives and real problems. Thus, women cannot expect his life to revolve around her. However, would it really hurt to try? I mean, it is just one day. Even if she is expecting too much, go ahead and try. If she hates it, dump her. No, wait, I'm kidding...but at least try, it may mean more to her than you will ever know!

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SoundNFury wrote on January 29, 2015, 3:46 AM

Haha, well, true love is not a fairy tale, I don't think. It might have fairy tale elements, but it also involves a lot of hard work and growth together. Just my opinion.

arthurchappell wrote on January 29, 2015, 6:15 AM

my efforts to convince ladies that I am George Clooney's stunt double are not working so far sadly