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Yeah, People are Stupider...

At the height of the Vietnam war, while the population protested, the idea to divert came up and the 'Ecology Movement' was launched. It fooled no one. Everyone accepted this 'Ecology Movement' as a way to divert people from the War in Vietnam.

This is because people were raised to be more intelligent in the 50s/60s then they are today.

When the United States and the Soviet Union entered their 'Cold War' everything was done to insure a superior population. Education was crucial and nutrition was paramount. Children were fed 'forumula' a 'scientific blend of all vitamins and minerals children needed for development.

The fact is, between birth and two years old if a child is denied the necessary nutrition s/he will be permanently brain damaged. Depending on the nutritional deprivation the child may be retarded, or simply slow, (amid physical impairment). Hence those kids born between 1945 - 1968 were pretty much 'bottle babies' fed according to a regiment of nutrition.

Education being important meant that streaming had to be done; the Bright children must be challenged and put in their own special class. The Dunce child must be kept away from the other students and kept in their class. I.Q. tests were administered with precision so that a child whose I.Q. was below 100 could be put in Dunce Class, and one with an I.Q. above 130 sent to a special gifted school.

These two things, nutrition and education, are absolutely vital for an intelligent population. Considering the Soviets were teaching their kids algebra at eight years of age, Americans had to come up the grade or would be over run by the 'Red Horde'.

Even before the Cold War ended, it was clear to the Powers That Be that the younger generation was too intelligent to be fooled by propaganda. Often the Sophomore at University knew more about global politics than the politician who was seeking to deceive.

Something had to be done.

Nutrition was the first casuality. Push the 'Breast is Best', (regardless of the health of the mother) and once the kid was weaned, get that sugar coated valueless crap into their bellies. Junk (food). Stuff fried with semi-edible 'vegetable' oil, (which itself is a blend of trash), processed to fool the stupid kid into thinking this either came from an ediable part of a cow,( instead of the tossed away intestines saved from landfull by strenous blending and flavouring), or is a real chicken (not an artificial form of life).

So the child suffers permanent brain damage due to lack of proper nutrition.

Schools have been dumbed down and 'streaming' banned, so that the dumbest kid in the school is able to distract the brightest. If one looks at a text given to a 6th grader in 1959 it is of a higher standard that that given to a 12th grader in 2014. This is because what is wanted is a huge population of sub 100 I.Q.s who will believe what they are told.

The caveat here is that the Upper Class, and those who have 130 I.Q.s have insured the nutrition of their children, and send them to private real schools or practice home schooling. When scholarships are available they are the ones to get them. As well as the better positions in business.

Hence, outside of the Upper Class, 'everyone' is dumbed to the same level.

Were there protests when for no reason America invade Iraq to remove Saddam Hussein? No. Did Americans ponder the rational for putting 'boots on the ground' in Afghanistan? Of course not. Sure a tiny fringe of persons with fully operational brains did, but the media avoided them.

And to add to the distraction comes the hoax of 'Global Warming'.

This kind of environmental distration couldn't work with the triple digit I.Q.s of the late 1960s but is lapped up like cream by the double digits of the 00s.

Anyone who is alive can feel that the Earth is cooler. Whether New York or London, the winters are colder and longer. Yet, pushing aside empirical evidence, people believe the Earth is getting warmer because oil is being used as fuel.

People forget the pollution of coal during the 1800s into the early 1900s, when every chimmeny spewed thick black smoke with particulates into the air. Did the Earth get warmer? No. The fuel now used which is somewhat cleaner is having a greater effect than the coal?

The fact is, The West wants to curtail the power of the Saudis and other Middle Eastern Oil producers. To say anything to them about their actions, their policies, would not be positive. We all know that the Saudis pay for terrorism. This has been proven time and again. Who is funding ISIS? Boko Haram? Where do they get their weapons and training? Saudis. The same folks who gave you 9/11.

Just as a parent can sent his kid into your tree to steal your fruit and then wash himself clean with the umbrage, "I didn't know he was in your tree, I'm going to punish him!" So too the Saudis.

Hence, the dumb population, bleating in belief of Global Warming will help dislodge the dependency on oil, reduce the Saudis to the level of 3rd world power.

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