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Telephone Company's Incompetent Service

For 16 days a friend of mine had no internet connection at all. He kept reporting the problem on a daily basis, twice a day. All he got were assurances that it was being worked on. He was told that the problem was due to Down Time maintenance. He was assured that the company's technicians will be calling him.

No one called for 16 days.

Finally, after the follow ups have turned into "harassments" (daily calls with a slightly impatient tone). They finally sent someone over to fix the problem on site.

It was found out that the telephone company failed to simply activate the connection. There was no Down Time maintenance all along. It was a simple click of a button and the whole 16-day period of waiting could have been solved in less than a minute!

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frenchtoast78 wrote on January 27, 2015, 6:38 AM

What a terrible experience. For the past two weeks I've been experiencing such problem. Technician has come over to my house twice already but the real problem is the closure in the junction box in the main line which the technician told me is beyond his capacity. He said though that he has requested for such closure several times already to the company but they haven't done anything with such problem. Couldn't blame the technician, at least he was honest with me.