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Stop Pop Ups

Maybe you're stumbling, maybe you've deliberately entered that URL, and there you are on a site...when SUDDENLY comes a PoP UP ad which obliterates the page.

Now you can't do anything on that page until that PoP UP finishes loading. And then, after it's sat in your face for about a minute, you can just see the 'X' in the corner so you can shut it down and go on to the page.

My question is Why?

If a site allows an intrusive PoP UP then it deserves not to be seen.

I might sound harsh but until we, the Internet community put our foot down and Stop the PoP UPs we are condemned to be treated like prisoners at Gitmo, tied to their chairs, their eyes pasted open.

No matter what site it is, as soon as the PoP UP arrives, I close the page. She that X in the top right of this page? If anyone or anything annoys you on the Internet, you have a right to hit that X and close the page. Hence I am not only NOT seeing the page put up, I am closing it so quickly I have no idea what the PoP UP is selling.

If, (imagine there were intelliegent people behind sites) an admin saw a number of persons who logged onto the site for One Second, the red flags should go up. How is it possible? In One Second one might not even have read the heading of the item, one might not have been certain of the identity of the Page. So what happened in that One Second? The PoP UP.

If more people shut the window, then there would be no PoP UPs.

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FreyaYuki wrote on January 27, 2015, 3:47 PM

Hate popups too. Don't get why there are still popups around. If other people don't like it too (and it seems that there are many who hate this), then how come there are still so many around? Surely, these companies or sites or whatever wouldn't want to lose their potential customers so why annoy them?

Tallawah wrote on January 27, 2015, 7:46 PM

Most people let the Pop up load, and wait. Then see the page. If you shut the page instantly, the message would be sent.