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The End Of The World Is Nigh

Well in virtual , technical terms atleast .

My tv screens still black and now I can't even multi task and do my Asda shop , whilst my dinner cooks .

Nope , the Asda Website has crashed ........ ooh hang on a message has popped up on my tv " lost picture ? (check ) please wait a moment or try changing channel

I did , but Nope , nothings happening emoticon :sad:

Frustrating , but atleast Virgin Media are aware and there minnions might be fixing it .

I'll try again later with ordering my shop .

I wanted it for Wednesday so there's no sweat on my brow if it continues to conk out tonight .

I had a root around in the back freezer before , and was really surprised what I actually had in there .

I found a toblerone emoticon :grin: , some crumpets , which I'm defrosting for brecfast , some hot and spicy chicken wings , which are currently in the oven , mmm the smell wafting in is tantalising , and I've got lots of other tasty cuts of meat and fish which I had forgotten I'd even purchased .

We certainly woun't starve in this house ! .

I'm not really looking forward to online shopping again , but it's my best option , as my partner goes in for his hip replacement op on Monday - his second , but the opposite side - he's only 37 ! .

That means 6 weeks of pining for him and feeling very sorry for him and myself as we have to live apart for practical reasons .

Without a car , I've planned on online shopping , his mum will help me get to any hospital appointments that may crop up and she'll also pick me up to visit . I'm going to have to buy my daughter a monthly bus pass and cross everything that she doesn't absent mindedly lose her school bus pass , I normally go for the money at the local cash point , but it constantly breaks and there isn't another anywhere in walking - or in my case waddeling ( I'm 21 weeks pregnant ) distance .

Isn't it funny how our worlds get turned upside down just because of a power cut or technical hitch ?! .

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GedWrites wrote on January 22, 2015, 4:21 PM

I never shop online, if I did I would probably end up with a new car every week and a holiday

WordChazer wrote on January 22, 2015, 6:31 PM

We had a massive water leak nearby a few weeks ago. That did for our shower which conked out under the strain of the water's return. It feels like we're living in the dark ages, having to sponge off with a face cloth or actually run a bath (oooh, using lots more water!)