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happy that slowly we talked

It is aleady 8:48pm, 13 hours plus from my last post. I am very glad that my library assistant that we have a gap the past few weeks, we already talk a while ago. Actually, we did not talk formally, yesterday, when i took my lunch, i said to her, i am going home for lunch. Then she said okay sir. On her lunch time she said to me, i will go out for lunch sir, and i answered, yes. Then before she officially out for work around 4pm for an early out, she said, i will go home early sir at four. Then i said, okay. Then Today, earlier this afternoon, of what happened yesterday, we talked just to say, i will go out for lunch. I am happy with that even if we do not talk that much but that will be a good start for good working relationship. #Work #Relationship #Job #Library #Librarian #Subordinates #Teamwork

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