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Shots Fired From Vehicle On Street Outside Joe Biden's House

Gun shots emanated from a vehicle driving down the street outside of Vice President Joe Biden's home in Delaware on Saturday night. Biden was not home at the time of the incident, and neither was his wife.

Biden's home is about 300 yards from the street, and investigators are unsure if any of the bullets hit the residence, or even if it was specifically targeted. The Secret Service and police tried to catch the vehicle, but it sped away and was able to elude them.

This marks another incident that doesn't exactly make me very confident in the security and protective services that our president and vice president enjoy. A few months back, we had the White House fence jumping incident, in which a man was able to breach security and actually get inside before being apprehended.

And then there was the revelation a short time later that in 2011, shots were actually fired at the White House, and it took the Secret Service 4 days to realize what had happened. Even though President Obama was not home at the time, one of his daughters was.

There was also the time late last year when President Obama was allowed to ride in an elevator with an armed sub-contractor, who had a criminal record.

These are all events which taint the image of the Secret Service as a top-notch security team. I certainly hope they get their act together.

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Soonerdad3 wrote on January 18, 2015, 12:02 PM

That is very scary to say the least that the top two members of the government in the U.S. are not being protected better. I think most people have come to expect that the White House was being protected even better than Ft. Knox. However, based on the revelations that you mentioned here, that is obviously not the case.

SoundNFury wrote on January 18, 2015, 12:05 PM

Very true. I used to think of the Secret Service as like you say - Ft. Knox. But they haven't looked like it lately!

SoundNFury wrote on January 18, 2015, 12:19 PM

That's a great (and scary) point. It's an illusion of safety that we are expected to buy into.

JenniferMiller. wrote on January 18, 2015, 12:57 PM

It's a shame that his security was not able to catch these guys. Even if they were not firing at his house, they still should be caught and thrown in prison..especially is the guns they used were not registered.

SoundNFury wrote on January 18, 2015, 12:59 PM

Yeah, I'm surprised that neither the Secret Service nor police were able to catch them.

wolfgirl569 wrote on January 18, 2015, 1:01 PM

It is sad that they have gotten so sloppy. But how much of this has happened before and like other things the media is just airing it more now.

JohnRoberts wrote on January 18, 2015, 1:05 PM

Not to mention the Secret Service prostitution scandal a few years back.

SoundNFury wrote on January 18, 2015, 1:40 PM

That's true, at least in the case of the White House shooting. We didn't know until three years later!

SoundNFury wrote on January 18, 2015, 1:41 PM

Yeah, it doesn't exactly instill confidence.

DWDavisRSL wrote on January 18, 2015, 2:20 PM

I wonder if some group will come forward and take credit for firing those shots, or if it was some drunk on his way home who thought it would be a brilliant joke. Either way, I wish the security people had caught whoever it was. We/they need to know who is doing such things and if they're lone kooks or part of something bigger.

SoundNFury wrote on January 18, 2015, 2:28 PM

I agree. I think people need to take these issues more seriously.

k2705 wrote on January 18, 2015, 3:42 PM

That's a bit scary, there is so much stuff like this happening at the moment.

SoundNFury wrote on January 18, 2015, 4:48 PM

Yes, it really is. I think the Secret Service needs to get a better grip on things.

TheLambLiesDown wrote on January 18, 2015, 5:35 PM

"Emanated"...well yeah, but...just seemed an odd choice, but no matter.

I saw several headlines for this..."outside the house", "near the house", even "at the house"...depends on what slant the particular news source used...

Yeah, the Secret Service appears to have gotten kind of sloppy over the last couple of years.

Wonder if the idiots will brag to their friends about the incident...

seren3 wrote on January 18, 2015, 5:51 PM

Right! We are paying for this service to our leaders! I expect results! They should be safe!

SoundNFury wrote on January 18, 2015, 6:43 PM

Since I was relaying something I read about, I didn't want to match too closely what I read, just to be sure. So I chose "emanated. I had my doubts about that word lol, but at the time it was all I could think of and the most accurate way to describe it. I'm sure the people who did it will be bragging.

SoundNFury wrote on January 19, 2015, 3:39 AM

I agree. We deserve a higher level of service than what we are apparently witnessing.

j2jworkz wrote on January 19, 2015, 11:57 AM

These "incidences" are not lending credibility to the Secret Service lately.

SoundNFury wrote on January 19, 2015, 5:02 PM

Definitely not. It really makes me question how safe anything is.