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A New Leveling Plane for Amber Alerts

Amber Alerts are available in many ways to get the public involved. Cell phones now receive text messages for these alerts without a subscription requirement.

Now it's heading into a different plane. Facebook will begin integrating Amber Alerts into your newsfeed. This is the greatest thing that Facebook can offer to parents when their children are abducted. Facebook now has 1.12 billion users on mobile devices making this new integration a critical success.

This is one of the three new features that Facebook is offering. They also will be adding a texting 911 feature that will use geotags automatically in case of emergencies where cell phone service is dead. Users will be able to post a status and a messaging system will send out help.

Facebook may have members screaming that their privacy is being invaded but if it means the difference to a life threatening incident with a child or other emergency then it will be worth the added feature. I for one will be supporting this.

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