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Keep Finding Treasure

Wherever I look, I seem to find treasure, though not treasure I want. When we were a bit more fiscally solvent, I bought a number of books and toys at a thrift shop. Now that we're not doing as well, I have been finding those items lurking around. Forgotten and unloved. As I am all for downsizing, I am reading all those books and deciding if I want to keep them. And it turns out a number of the toys are worth a hefty amount of money (well, hefty for thrift store .99 cent purchases!). So my eBay store is quickly filling up with these items.

The kicker is, they're really popular! And things people gave us that we just don't need (a semi-broken PS3, spice racks, more books, etc) are going up and also gaining popularity.

At a time when the rest of my money ventures aren't doing so well and jobs are hard to come by for someone with my needs and qualifications, this is quite a blessing!

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JenniferMiller. wrote on January 15, 2015, 10:41 AM

Good luck with selling all of your unwanted stuff. I would do that...if I had any stuff that i was looking to get rid of. I have a couple pair of shoes but I would have to pay to have them shipped and I honestly do not know what they are worth nor do I feel like finding out. They are boots and they are too little for me.