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Darts: Not Feeling It

I am just a little bit past half way of my current dart season and I have to say my enjoyment has taken a down turn.

Oh I am doing well enough, as i am currently third in my division for points. I guess it is that I joined this league and came down a division to play with people I know, and also to just come out and play and not take it so seriously. What has happened though is that I have started to feel as if I am there to get wins for other people, and as such keep having the same partners over and over again and don't feel a proper part of the team. I am also starting to be put a lot in the last spot in singles. I am happy in a way to be trusted to be the one to get the job done, but I am also still pretty new to league darts and wish I didn't have people putting me in pressure situations. Heck I've already been captain of two teams. I just want to play!

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trufflehunter wrote on January 15, 2015, 6:23 PM

You sound like the sort people look up to that's why they made you a leader. Cheer up, maybe next time you can decline.