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Godus: Video Game App Review

Godus is a free-to-play god-like simulation app that is yet unrated by the ESRB. It was developed and published by an independent company, 22Cans, in 2014. Currently, I only have experience with the app game however Godus for the PC is in closed Beta on Steam and available for purchase.

Godus video game where you are poised as a deity and are given followers to take care of. One of your first missions is to find a suitable place for your followers to settle and thrive. You also have the awesome abilities of creation and destruction. Your might can move mountains, literally. With just a touch of your finger, you can interact with the simplistically elegant landscape and fold it to your will.

Taking care of your followers is your prime objective in Godus. You do that by collecting Belief. Belief gives you your god-like powers. If you're a benevolent god, you can create farming settlements and fountains that will increase follower happiness. Or if you prefer the flip side, you could set fire to the forests and squish your followers for questioning your authority. Everything's up to you!

My biggest qualm with Godus is the controls. Using a single finger to push the landscape where you want it is a novel idea for hand-held app games; I was really excited to use it. It is not a perfect system though. Many times I move something I didn't even think I touched which wastes the Belief I've saved up. Since you use one finger for actions, it makes sense that you'd use two for scrolling the camera. This in itself takes some getting used to and again, this is not perfect. I always seem to rotate the camera by accident but can never do it when I mean to. Some cleanup to the controls and Godus would be out of this world.

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