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my wife said i am...

my wife said, i am very supportive of what they need. Although, i cannot give to them all because of my limited budget but i am trying to accomplish all the things that they needed. I am not that rich just like the others but i am rich of the sayings from different famous individuals that i am sharing to my children. My said i am very gorgeous even if i am not that gorgeous too much. My wife said i am very lovely to all the things that she wanted or i wanted. She said i am very cute. She also even mentioned that i am the most powerful man in her dreams. My wife said, i cannot live without you. Then she mentioned, i have to care of myself so that she will be happy forever. And hoping so, i can achieve that all. As a final say, I LOVE YOU.

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maxeen wrote on January 11, 2015, 6:31 PM

it is nice to be appreciated isn't it ? If we had everything we wouldn't have any excitement left..