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My Scandalous Addiction – TV Show Scandal

I cannot stop watching this show. It is deliciously scandalous and my dirty little secret show that I do not admit to many that I watch, Call it a guilty pleasure, like Grey’s Anatomy has become, which incidentally Shonda Rhimes made both shows. She hates people referring to her shows as guilty pleasures, but they are and it’s not an insult. They are so good, they are bad. They are a pleasure to watch. Perhaps she does not realize her show fall into the night time soap category and not well written drama.

That’s not to say Scandal and Grey’s Anatomy are not well written they are, just well written night time soaps. Anyway Olivia Pope, the President of the United States and Jake, former B6-13 spy and trained killer have me intrigued. I cannot decide who I want to see Olivia with, yet we all know it will be Fitz or something tragic will end their lives or one of their lives. Shonda Rhimes is not afraid to kill her characters, even her favorite characters.

So what will happen in 17 days when Jake and Fitz realize Olivia has been kidnapped and will the Vice President actually harm Olivia or will Fitz do what the VP wants and start a war in Angola or where ever the hell it is.

Just put the show back on already, I am done waiting. At least Person of Interest has returned. And if ABC keep having these stupid breaks, POI might just become my favorite show, and that show is not a soap, I need to use my brain to watch that show, and I love it because it usually requires a second watch. And that is an excuse to perve at Reese again and again. I am a shameless fan girl. So what, I’m single I can do what the hell I want.

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