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The Bread and Butter in my Daily Cycle of Life

I am so much busy nowadays attending training on Linux Red Hat, OmniDC, Jboss, Etrade Web, OWS8, Omnilink, & Websphere.

It comprises all the financial aplication project for one of the big company to cater this payment investment to the financial business sector. This training has been started since last week and will be completed within a week time.

The project was implemented to UAT and we are now finalizing the implementation to the production environment. I am one of the application administrator who will be handling Level 2 (L2) supporting the operations team. Its gonna be a busy day for me until we completely implementing the last section of the project.

It will be additional load to the applications that I manage in a day to day basis aside from our on-call support at night.

That's the life being an IT professional but life must go on.

It's my bread and butter as well as our earning in Persona Paper as additional recipe to our daily financial needs in life.

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Republishing to Persona Paper adhering the rules and policy of the site TOS as per mentioned in this site.

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