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Man knee spread - Bad manners on mass transit

I'm glad I don't have to ride on the mass rapid transit system any more!

If you've ever done this, I absolutely challenge you to think whether there is anywhere else that bad manners are so awfully demonstrated.

The first one I think of is the habit that some men have of spreading their knees as wide apart as possible, thus managing to take up the space of two people, not to mention encroaching on the space of each unlucky neighbor. Drives me crazy!

Apart from being uncomfortably eye riveting for fellow passengers, it's highly inconsiderate.

I've heard the term "man spread " used for this daily phenomenon that other riders have to endure, and I have no idea why some guys have to do it. I've heard it said it's to protect their genitalia, but really, is it necessary? I can't believe that!

It's more like flaunting the family jewels, and it's extremely annoying!

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