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Should school close when temperatures are too low?

Right now, the outdoor temperature in Cincinnati is 15 degrees Fahrenheit. With the 15 mph winds, it feels like -2 degree Fahrenheit. Our schools are open today and though my children ride the bus, a lot of kids will be walking to school. I can see the bus stop from my window and I happen to know that two other buses come before the one my kids ride. They won't be standing at the bus stop for very long but the 50 yards or so they have to walk to get there will still be really, really cold.

Sometimes schools close because it is just too cold to justify sending young children outdoors. Today is not one of those days. Wind chills cold be as low as -20 overnight and maybe they'll close schools tomorrow but the daytime temperature is supposed to be higher tomorrow so they probably won't. I'm actually debating whether or not to send my 10 and 7 year olds out this morning and I'm sure a lot of other parents are too. I'm struggling because if few parents send their kids to school today, the teachers won't teach anything. However, if all the other parents bundle their kids up and send them out but I don't, my kids will lose a day of instruction.

Geesh. Why couldn't they have just closed the schools?

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Shadi wrote on January 7, 2015, 6:35 AM

Not unless its too risky for kids to go to school. In most developed countries that is not a problem as schools and busses are prepared for extreme weather conditions.

MsTina wrote on January 7, 2015, 6:38 AM

At what temperature would you say it's too risky to send young children on a walk to school? Our schools and buses have heat so mine will be warm once they get on the bus and then into the building. I'm concerned about the walkers though and the ones whose buses might be late.

Kat- wrote on January 7, 2015, 7:43 AM

When my kids were in public school I worried about this too. My kids took the bus, the buses weren't in the best condition, heat worked, but not that well. I struggled many mornings wondering why they would subject to kids standing out in temps that are below 0. I kept them home a few times because of this and the school understood and didn't dock them for it. I only have one in school now, but he goes to online school, so I don't have to worry about that anymore.

MsTina wrote on January 7, 2015, 9:18 AM

I made an executive decision and kept mine home today. We've already hit the high temperature for the day and it's just too cold to be out there. I'm watching the news now and they are warning people not to leave their pets outside. If it's dangerous for pets with fur coats, it's certainly dangerous for children.

wolfgirl569 wrote on January 7, 2015, 9:44 AM

I dont see any problem sending them unless the wind is strong enough to cause frostbite quickly. They take the cold better than us adults do.

JustEm wrote on January 7, 2015, 12:46 PM

Maybe they should at times like this.. It might save a lot of pupils getting sick with colds and flu

ChickJ wrote on January 8, 2015, 5:25 AM

No matter what the temperature I will see kids in shorts. A macho thing. As long as kids are dress warmly, I see no problem. Kids are tougher then you think.

MsTina wrote on January 8, 2015, 9:08 AM

My cousin came to my house to put a serpentine belt on my van a few years ago. It was either below 0 or really close to it. He was wearing shorts. He's also about 350 lbs. When it turned out to be more complicated than he thought it would be, he went home to get pants and a hoodie.

grandma20121 wrote on January 13, 2015, 9:36 PM

It has been that cold over here in Massachusetts too, they did have school in session today and yesterday however they did decide to cancel school due to freezing temperatures which I think closing schools on freezing days is a wise decision because children can suffer severe frost bite in these temperatures.

simone425 wrote on February 6, 2015, 10:22 AM

Here where I live, schools would be closed. I live in Tennessee and we are not used to a lot of snow which is probably why the schools would be closed.

SuperCyclone wrote on February 15, 2015, 8:20 PM

Wind chills tonight are going to be -40 below here or worse. I think there does need to be a spot in which schools close for the safety of children especially if there are a lot of walkers. Here's to the coming of spring!

rodabod wrote on February 24, 2015, 1:54 PM

Here in Southern Illinois we had Temps like that last week. My son's school was closed the entire week for thatreason. I support the schools closing.