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Are you a henpecked? A Funny Side On It.

Maybe you think it will be nonsense, but if you understand you will laughed at it!

I would like to share here with our Persona paper's friend the Tagalog word of a Canadian as in ‘Ka-na-diyan’. It does not correlate the exact meaning but it sounds like a Canadian word.

Ka-na-diyan in English is "there". Really it's different meaning..right.

In Tagalog words, many words can apply that into a sentence where you made us laugh. It’s just a joke only to those husband’s who are always afraid to his wife. That he’s always helpful for whatever the wife want him to do. Get it! In short, a man who always say yes to his wife is called ‘andres de saya’ or what we called in English as ‘henpecked’ or ‘man who feared from his wife’, or rather we called it as ‘Under the Skirt’. Now, we established the concept of a man who feared from his wife. It’s just a joke for us Filipinos but sometimes it’s really happening.

I hope that Persona paper's community can now undestand the meaning of the ‘Andres the Saya’ . I will used Canadian in a Filipino word and convert that to English. This is only a joke to use a "Canadian" because of a sound like and a intonation variation.

Canadian could here in Tagalog like ‘Ka – na – diyan’ in English ‘youre there’ or "there" depends on the sentence we used. Okay here we go.

" Take note that I need to use "Tagalog" words here to sound like the word mentioned ".

The wife says to her husband.

In Tagalog: Mag-laba ‘ ka na dyan ’! I used the exclamation cause she’s angry. In English: Did you wash the clothes there ? It’s sound cool cause there’s a question mark.

In Tagalog: Mag-hugas ‘ ka na dyan ’ ng plato! Lol, she’s angry again with exclamation In English: Did you wash the dishes there ? Lol, really it sounds cool, with a question mark again.

In Tagalog: Mag-luto ‘ ka na diyan ’! Wow, she’s really angry. In English: Did you cook now Hon? Lol, with a Hon. Cool (There can't be use here

In Tagalog: Mag-patulog ‘ ka na diyan ’ ng mga bata! Shaking when heard it. In English: Did you send the kids to bed, Hon? Ha ha ha it’s so cool to hear that.

Now this is the moment!

In Tagalog: Maligo ' ka na diyan ’ at matutulog na tayo? Wow, the husband were really enjoying to hear that word. Why? In English: Hon, Please let’s go to shower together before going to bed? emoticon emoticon :smile: That’s censored now.

That is why we called them a husband a “Canadian” citizen. Cool...Get it!!

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Disclaimer: Using Tagalog words is needed to use the tone or the intonation of the sentence and to understand clearly. Modification in the content are imposed to add more spice on the sentence.

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Jaffy wrote on June 9, 2014, 12:33 PM

Hahahah its really cool! Thanks for sharing!

namra47 wrote on June 9, 2014, 2:31 PM

Yeah right. Give and take and most of all love to our family. We are a family man to be the head of the family not only financially but also in all things in our life. At the end of the day, when you grow older its your wife will be your companion up to the last breath of our life.