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How Quiet the House Is!

After being home for a two week Christmas break, the grand children returned to school today and the house is just too quiet. I keep looking up to see which one will be coming into my office to ask a question, or to declare they are hungry. I have gotten up a few times to go check on them, but their rooms are empty.

After living here alone for over three years, having children in the house again took some getting used to. Now I find that it is the quiet that disturbs me when they are gone. I miss them and just want them to hurry home. I miss the sound of the television and their laughter as they giggle over a cartoon.

I miss them coming to sit beside me and watch as I type. I even miss the million questions my little grandson asks all day long! Hmm, is it time for that big yellow bus to bring them back yet? I have a few hours to wait so I guess I will just make the best of it.

I am sure we will get back in to a regular routine, but now I am thinking that summer will be brutal! I will have them with me all day for three months and then have to send them back to school? I don’t think I am going to like that!

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AngelSharum wrote on January 6, 2015, 3:39 PM

I miss Ian being little so I'm sure I would love having grandchildren around. Not that I'll ever have