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Kiddo Fried My Kindle

I let my daughter play games on my Kindle Fire. A few months ago, it up and disappeared into thin air. I was pretty sure she had either taken it to her cousin's or a friend's house and left it there, OR it was lost in the abyss of her bedroom. I have asked her repeatedly to look for it in her room. I have even excavated her room myself to try to find it. I thought maybe it had fallen between the wall and her bed, so I tried pulling the bed away from the wall. Nope, it wasn't there.

Last week, my husband informed me that he had found it! He wasn't going to reveal the FABULOUS new secret hiding place he'd discovered at first, but I managed to wrangle it out of him: it was in the console of the love seat! I forget that thing even opens up! It's more of an armrest and a place for the dog or the child to plop down in between us when we're watching a movie together.

Well, it hadn't been 24 hours til the child managed to fry the Kindle. I had plugged it in for her so she could play her games again. I guess it came unplugged and she tried to wriggle the tiny USB back into the Kindle. In so doing, she exposed some wires and shorted it out. She told my husband (I was working at the salon) that she smelled smoke. He assumed it was just the fire in the fireplace.

When I got home, she was anxious to get my attention. She usually is, but this was more intense than usual. Come to find out, the tip of the charger was frazzled and the Kindle would no longer turn on. I even tried two different chargers to no avail. I COULD take it to the "Geek Squad" at Best Buy, but that would probably cost more than the Kindle Fire is worth. What a bummer!

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seren3 wrote on January 6, 2015, 12:31 PM

Oh dear! It sounds like you need a new one and she needs her own! How will that work out...? And youi're right - repairs often cost more than the item these days.

MaeLou wrote on January 6, 2015, 1:46 PM

Agh! I would have been brokenhearted, not necessarily with the Fire because Im not a fan of it, but with my Paperwhite, definitely.