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The Festive Season

Hello, everyone, have been busy these last few weeks, my dog has been very ill and we are only now, slowly getting her better. She has started to eat better and seems to be getting her strength back every day. Here is holding thumbs that she will heal completely.

Meanwhile, through that all, I had to go and buy Christmas gifts for the the family and friends. That was a mission and a half, as a person doesn't really know what to buy anymore, in the end I want was the safest bet, boxes of chocolates or fancy toiletries. Some gifts were put under the Christmas Tree and others were sent with the family that came to visit. I must say Christmas Day was wonderful, just had my family around me, with a tasty meal, and even my doggie, she celebrated the day with us too.

Now, I hope everyone had a wonderful New Year, mine, I decided was going to a quiet one, with some wine and finger eats. I even booked some shows on the TV that was really beautiful to watch and then there was the Royal Variety Show that I also enjoyed from England. I love Mr McIntyre, he is a hoot.

Now the festive season is over and a new year has begun. I'm at work and not really in the mood to be here, but I have survived 7 hours and nearly on my way home and then here's to the weekend.

I hope everyone had a good festive season and that we hope this year might hold some good things for all. Have a peaceful weekend

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