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Homeschooling in NY state - part 3

First, I'd like to thank you for following my series this far. This part is the meat and potatoes of the series. It addresses the major concerns for a potential homeschooling parent in New York State.

How do I do it once I've made my decision to do it? I know it is legal. I have figured out how to keep costs minimal. Now what?

First, you need to submit a letter of intent to your local school district. This letter MUST be submitted before July 1st of the upcoming school year. This is a fantastic template to use and consists of all the information needed in the letter of intent. I used a similar template:

Next you will need to submit your curriculum into the district for approval. Now this should include the names of the textbooks and workbooks you intend to use, the local resources you intend to use such as the library or YMCA facilities, as well as the types of supplies you will use at home. This is called an IHIP or an individualized home instruction plan. This is a template that I used:

Once you are approved for homeschooling and your IHIP has been approved as well, you need to know what else to do. This is a template for quarterly reports ( and the NY state final assessment ( I moved away from NY before I had to submit more than two quarterly reports, so I never completed a final assessment for that year. My 2 quarterly reports were approved. Remember to keep detailed attendance records and keep track of the minimum hours and days required by NY state for instruction. I kept vacations similar to those of the public schooled kids in the area to avoid any issues.

In New York state, children do need to take state exams or an approved substitute exam. These guidelines can be found in the NYHEN link that is at the bottom of the page. They can be administered at home or at the a local public school or at the district office.

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For more about the regulations of homeschooling in NY: read here -

I am writing this series as a homeschooling parent.
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