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Who love More ? Guy Or girl ?

I am a guy and I know how it feels when you are in love and you are doing anything for the other person whether she knows or not.

I am a guy and I know that how much I do even I can't express in my words. Why the hell I am like that. Most of them want everything in words, they don't understand without words. Words are essential now days if you want to tell anyone. Your thing is not matter here if you are hiding it. Even no one wants to be in that way. They are happy with the words. If you are in relationship and You don't need anything to prove, You just say these line that I can do anything for you and that's it they believe it. You even don't know about the other.

Relationships are not long lasting these days. Everything is different and most of relationships are breaking because short age love. Starting falling in love when they are studying and still hope for some future and that thing is impossible. Successful relationship is when you are settled and then you are doing that stuff. I don't know who do more but I know that when a Guy do, you will come to know automatically, even they can do anything.

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luisga814 wrote on December 27, 2014, 7:03 AM

I do have a family already and I am aware I am the one more in love to my wife. I am trying my best to give all my best for her.