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Five Seconds of Summer and other Weird Boy band Names

I have just had two t-shirts personalized for my cousin who is a special child. She wanted her photo printed with the One Direction boy band. I wanted to make her happy so I had her sister send me a nice photo of her. Then i searched for a clear photo of the singing group. I then hired someone from to photoshop and merge the two pictures. I could do it myself but I had no time. Soon after I got the finished layout i went to the t-shirt printing store and had them made.

My cousin Nicole was so happy to have two large sized blue T-shirts with her photo and One direction together. I also threw in a mug with the same picture. It immediately was included in their display cabinet. She was so excited she started talking about Luke, her new crush from a new boy band named "5 Seconds of Summer." She even let me hear their new songs. My 9 year old daughter likes the group too so I left them to talk about it.

I don't know if I am getting old but the names of the singing groups these days are getting weirder to me. "One Direction" "5 Seconds of Summer" "The 1975" "Maroon 5" "Black Eyed Peas" Whatever happened to names like "Backstreet boys" "New Kids on the Block" or "Nsync?" Oh well, I guess it depends on the generation, right?

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