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God is War Now

Lot of religion are here and i respect every one of them. Many Living gods are here means people believe in them that they are gods and I respect them.

But some people trying to create a war by words. They always like their religion and don't care about others. They have one thing in their mind that their God is God and out there other peoples are fooling around.

God created a world and full of people with different cultures but people created different cultures. Now they gone too far with their Religion and they are starting a war by that. If you believe in God then never show other people that they are the only one who knows God and others don't. They are not good human, they are pretending to be a Good Human in front of God and fooling Him. If you want to be a Good Human then be a Human not a some religion Doll. If you respect your religion then start respecting others.

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motrojam wrote on December 25, 2014, 11:57 PM

I agree. We can all co-exist with each of our beliefs. There is no need to actively convert other people to one's camp.